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Honor Roll                                     
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Acheson, David - Tailor, Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., PA

Acheson, George - Tailor, Greensburgh, Westmoreland Co., PA

Allan, Wade Griffin - Cleaner and Dyer, Peerless Cleaners and Dyers, Springfield, MO

Anderson, James Lincoln - Weaver, Willingham Cotton Mill, Macon, GA

Apicelli, Charles Joseph - General Manager, Max Pollack Co., Groton, CT

Armstrong, Jeffie Areta Johnson Faubion *– Seamstress – Dress Factory – Dallas, TX

Askew, Agnes Byers - Mill Hand, Mender - Archer Mill - Columbus, GA

Avent, Catherine Delinda* - Spooler, Pelham Manufacturing Co., Cotton Mill, Pelham, GA

Atwood, John - Resident Agent, Williamsville Manufacturing Co., Williamsville, CT

Babcock, Lewis Smith - Receiving Clerk, American Thread Co., Willimantic, CT

Badgley, Charles - Hatter, Newark, NJ

Barrow, Richard, Sr., - Tailor, Beaufort Co., NC

Bigelow, Albert W. - Drill Press Operator and Caser, American Thread Co., Willimantic, CT

Bloodworth, Marion Francis - Twister, Bibb Manufacturing, Payne Mill, Macon, GA

Bone, Josiah Nelson - Cotton Farmer, Oak Level Township, Nash County, NC

Bone, Kenneth Early - Cotton Farmer, Oak Level Township, Nash County, NC

Booher, Sarah Catharine - Seamstress, Washington County, VA

Botelho, George E. - Dye Pad Operator, Duro Finishing, Fall River, MA

Bouchard, Florence Gamelin - employee, Winooski Overgaiter Co., drawing in at woolen mills, American Woolen Co., Winooski, VT

Bouchard, Narcisse A. - Foreman, E.B. & A.C. Whiting Brush Co., Burlington, VT

Boultbee, Edwin - Tailor, Bangor, ME

Brillante, Mary Ellen Fore- Battery Filler and Smash Hand, Flint River Cotton Mill & Cotton Goods, Albany, GA

Brown, John Francis, Sr. - Cotton Buyer, Sentinel, Washita Co., OK

Brown, Nancy Greer - Weaver, Pike's County, GA

Carleton, Frank Edwards - Machine Operator, Woolen Mill, No. Brookfield, MA

Carleton, Mildred Katherine Clark - Stenographer, Shirt Factory, Worcester, MA

Campbell, Abbiegail Matilda Purlsey - Washer Woman, Mitchell, SD

Cazeault, Arthur - Mill Operative, Taft Woolen Mill, Oxford, MA

Cazeault, Georgiana Donais - Weaver, Textile Mill, Sutton, MA

Cazeault, Richard - Color Boy, Cranston Print Works, Webster, MA

Cesarini, Mary (Maria) (Ciccarelli) - Shoe Heel Manufacturer, Lynn City Shoe Factory, Washington St., Lynn, MA

Chilton, James - Tailor, Canterbury and Sandwich England, Leyden, Holland, later emigrated to Plimoth, MA

Chitwood, J.D. Clarence - Twister, Equinox Mill, Anderson, SC

Clark, Josephine Katherine Nesline - Corset Molder, Corset Factory, Norwalk, CT

Cleveland, Crawford Haralson - Cotton Farmer and Cotton Ginner, Bibb County, AL

Cleveland, William Franklin – Cotton Merchant and Cotton Grower, Mobile, AL and Bayou Sara, AL

Collins, Emma Frances Norton - Machine Operator, Coats and Clark, Toccoa, GA

Collins, Estella Dinkins - Spinner, SC

Cook, George B. - Card Grinder, Woonsocket, RI

Cournoyer, Napoleon - Shipping Clerk, Felder's Mill, Millbury, MA

Craw, Walter E. *- Chemical Engineer/Plant Manager-Beldin Heminway Co./Belding Chemical Industry, Grosvenordale, CT

Crocker, Sr., Glyndon Harry *- President and General Manager, Crescent Corset Company, NY

Cron, Ella Margaret Bone - Cotton Farmer, Oak Level Township, Nash County, NC

Crowley Joseph James - Vice President / Textile Chemist/ Technologist, US Testing Co., Hoboken, NJ

Dalton, Ernest William - Engineer/Designer/Draftsman, Draper Corperation, Hopedale, MA

Davenport, Inez Reeves - Textile Worker / Winder, Newnan Cotton Mill, Newnan, GA

Davenport, Robert Frank - Napper Operator, Newnan Cotton Mill, Newnan, GA

Delude, Marion Elizabeh Hotchkiss - Millhand-Box Shop, American Thread Company Willimantic, CT

Denning, Alice Rose Close Button - Rubber Shoe Maker - Goodyear Rubber Shoe Co. - Naugatuck, CT

DeWitt, Barnabus *- Tailor, Somerset, Addison, PA

Donahue, Cornelius - Paper Maker, Paper Mill, Manchester, CT

Donahue, Francis Joseph - Carder, Woolen Mill, Manchester, CT

Duke, Joseph Pierce - Cotton Mill Weaver, Overland Cotton Mill, Arapahoe Co., CO

Dupre, Albert Narcisse - Loom Fixer, Nashawena Mill, New Bedford, MA

Dupre, Blanche Aurore Jacques - Sewer, Federal Relief Adminsitration of Massachusetts, So. Dartmouth, MA

Dupre, Louis (Duprey) - Weaver, Cotton Mill, Dartmouth, MA

Elbridge, William H. - Cotton Mill Worker, Baltic, CT

Ennis, Nellie A. Gritton  - Folder, Laundry, Louisevill, KY

Epes, Col. Daniel IV* - Clothier Retailer, Boston, MA

Etheridge, Grace Irene Patrick - Machine Operator, pants factory, Winder, GA

Everts, Mabel Lerena Campbell - Sales Lady, Dry Goods Store, Mitchell, SD

Farr, Caroline Miner* - Textile Worker, Lowell Mills, Lowell, MA (Click to View Article)

Favretti, Giovanna Malvina Lazaris - Weaver, Forstmann Woolen Mills, Clifton-Passaic, NJ, Rawitzer Woolen Mills, Old Mystic, CT, Mystic Manufacturing Co., Mystic, CT, American Velvet Co., Stonington, CT

Fields, Nannie Lou - Cotton Farmer, Iron Hill District, Kingston, Bartow County, GA

Fields, Rufus E. - Cotton Farmer, Iron Hill District, Kingston, Bartow County, GA

Fiske, Nathaniel - Weaver, Watertown, MA

Foley, Gladys Nancy Cameron - Tie-Over Girl, Burler, Spooler, Amoskeag Mills, Manchester, NH

Ford, James Eley - Beamer Operator, Acetate Yarn Division, Eastman Co., Kingsport, TN

Ford, Nina Lee Spivey - Developmental Lab Tester, Acetate Yarn Division, Eastman Co., Kingsport, TN

Fore, William Starling, Jr. - Slasher, Bibb Manufacturing, Columbus, GA

French William Lt.*,  Tailor, Billerica, MA

Funk, Myrtle Joyce Hanger - Sewing Machine Operator, US Civil Service Comm Dept. of the Army, Jeffersonville, IN

Gamelin, Irma Gelineau - employee, American Woolen Co., Winooski, VT

Ganson, Charles Franklin - Co-ownerm Superintendent and Secretary, Comfort Knitting, Co., Johnstown, NY

Garner, Ann Scott Williams - Cotton Farmer, Palmetto, GAF

Gault, Emory Claudieus - Weaver, Ware Shoals Manufacturing, Ware Shoals, SC

Gault, Raymond Lee - Weaver, Cannon Mills Company, Kannapolis, NC

Glenn, Cecil William - Cotton Dyrer, Pendleton Mfg., La France, SC

Guillemette, Melody Lee Smith - Flock Box Operator - Pervel Industries, Plainfield, CT

Guillemette, Wilfred Henry - Warp Tyer- weave room, Pomona Mills, Taftville, CT

Greason, Mary Elizabeth (Harrington) - Mill Worker - age 13, Harmony Mills, Cohoes, NY

Habberfield, William - Clothier, Fulling Mill Owner, Boston, MA

Haggard, Don Golie - Carpenter, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

Hale, Gardner Cole - Superintendent, Pratt Cotton Mill, Prattville, AL

Hammond, Rachel Jane - Weaving Mill "Factory Girl", South Easton, PA

Harmon, Jacob Osborne* - Textile Worker, Myrtle Mill, Gastonia, NC

Hawkins, Leona Gunter - Seamstress, Reliance Manufacturing Co. "The Shirt Factory", Columbus, IN

Heatley, Mary L. (Sylvia) - Dressmaker, Brooklyn, NY

Hicks/Higgs, John - Clothier, Fulling Mill Owner, Boston, MA

Higgins, Lyman Frank - Oil Cloth Painter, Winthrop, ME

Hill, Reuben - Shoemaker, Butler Co., OH

Hilton, Jerry - Supervisor, Clearwater Finishing Plant, Div. of United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc., Clearwater, SC

Hopfner, Rudolph - Picker, Cheney Silk Mill, Manchester, CT

Hotchkiss, Marion Elizabeth Delude - Millhand Box Shop, American Thread Co., Willmantic, CT

Hume, James Napier - Cloth Examiner, Ayer Mills, Lowell, MA

Hurtes, Louis "Lieb" - Cloak and Suit Tailor and Operator, Garment Button Business, New York, NY

Hurtes, Youda/Yehuda/Yuda* - Tailor, New York, NY

Jackson, Edward Evan, Sr, - Quill Hauler, Palmetto Cotton Mill, Palmetto, GA

Janovicz, Gabrielle J. Picard - Battery Hand and Weaver, Ponemah Mills, Taftville, CT

Johnson, Herbert Byron - Cotton Farmer, Family Farm, Atlanta, Cass Co., TX

Johnson, Ora Jane - Cotton Picker, Family Farm, Atlanta, Cass Co., TX

Jones, Daisy - Spinner, Palmetto Cotton Mills, Palmetto, GA

Jones, Sarah Maude Still, - Winder, Avondale Mills, LaFayette, AL

Jones, Willie - Textile Worker, Palmetto Cotton Mills, Palmetto, GA

Kelley, Barbara Godwin - Sewing Machine Operator, Boss Manufacturing Co., AL

Kiersted, Anna (Travers)* - Seamstress / Dressmaker, Brooklyn, NY

Kierstede, Samuel - Shoe Maker, Staten Island, New York

King, Brenda Lou Baker - Fashion Instructor, Gwinnett Technical College, Gwinnett, GA

Kinville, Sophia - Worker, Burlington Cotton Mills, Burlington, VT

Klunk, Rosanna Oaster *- Weaver,Conewago Township, Adams Co., PA

Kreis, Adolph Johann - Shoemaker, Milwaukee, WI

Lada, Frederick - Dyer, American Thread Company, Willimantic, CT

Laflin, Perley, Jr. * Spinning Supervisor/Inventor, Cotton Mill, Warren, MA

Lake, Henry *- Weaver, Topsfield, MA

Lantiere, Sue C. - Sewing Machine Operator, Footwear Division Uniroyal Inc. , Naugatuck, CT

Ledbetter, Jasper Thomas - Mechanic - Hosiery Mill, Nashville, TN

LeMay, Joseph - Blacksmith/Machine Operator, Woolen Mill, Amesbury, MA

LeMay, Louis - Spinner, Harmony Cotton Mill, Cohoes, NY

LeMay, Raymond W., Sr. - Parachute Maker, Bonnet Mills, Cohoes, NY

Lewis, Adelbert Dwain - Carder, Woolen Mill, South Hadley, MA

Lewis, Wynne Alida Schak Operator, Lindeke, Warner & Schurmeier, Saint Paul, MN

Longmore, Alexander - Weaver, Trumbull County, OH

Loomis, Joseph - Woolen Draper, Windsor, CT

Lowrance, Cathy Ruth - Clerk in Purchasing Department, Receptionis, Payroll and Shippig, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

Lowrance, Lenora Hale - Spinner and Lab Worker Testing Thread Strength, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

Lowrance, Luther Vernon  - Weaver, Loom Fixer, Mechanic, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

Lowrance, Miriam Oletta Haggard - Weaver and Battery Filler, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

Lowrance, Vernon Haywood - Carpenter Foreman, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

MacDougall, Emily J. Carpenter - Mender and Inspector, A.V.Morris & Sons Knitting Mill, Amsterdam, NY

MacDougall, George - Spinner, A.V.Morris & Sons Knitting Mill, Amsterdam, NY

Maitland, Frances Ann McMahon - Stitcher, Shoe Factory, Lynn, MA

Mansfield, Abner Christian - Weaver, Cotton Mill, Durham, NC

Maple, Benjamin - Weaver, New Bruswick, NJ

Martin, Isaac - Weaver, Miami County, OH

Martin, Zebulon Vance* - Textile Plant Overseer/Forman, Arlington Mill, Gastonia, NC

Matte, Marie Louise Giroux - Travelling Salesperson, Dresser Cotton Co., Southbridge, MA

McGill, Virginia Carey - Utility Worker, Salant & Salant Shirt Factory, Lexington, TN

Millliken, Samuel - Linen Manufacturer and Salesman, Philadelphia, PA

Mooney, Rose Ella - Shoemaker, Somerville, MA

Mostkowitz, David - Tailor and Cloak Maker, 18th E 20th St. and 144 Forsyth, New York, NY

Mostkowitz, Herman* - Designer and Tailor of Fine Ladies Clothes, 5th Ave., Manhattan, and Sarasota Springs, NY and Lakehurst, NJ

Nardacchione, Emma - Dress Designer; Theatrical Designer; Ladies Accessory Designer; Dress Maker; Member Ladies International Garment Workers Union, Garment District, New York, NY

Nesline, Frank Edward - Spinner, Woolen Mill, Norwalk, CT

Nesline, John Baptist - Fuller, Woolen Mill, Norwalk, CT

Olszta, Elizabeth Gula - Weaver, Cotton Mill, Three Rivers, MA

Olszta, Wladyslaw (William) - Elevator Boy, Woolen Mill, Webster, MA

Osgood, Sarah* - Spinster, Salem, MA

Parker, Sidney M., Jr. - Weaver, Cavendish Woolen Mills, Cavendish, VT

Peters, Ann Leary Dinkins - Seamstress, Minden, LA

Pollock, Helen (Cook) - Dressmaker, 511 North clark St., Chicago, IL

Porter, Sgt. John* - Tanner, Salem, MA

Post, Jotham - Weaver, Society of Friends, Huntington, Long Island, NY

Powers, Annie - Controller, Cheney Silk Mills, Manchester, CT

Prince, Michael Wayne - Twister Operaton, Beaumont Mills, Spartanburg, SC

Putnam, John III* - Weaver, Salem, MA

Rademacher, Herman Alfred - Head Chemist, Arlington Textile Mills, Lawrence, MA

Ransom, Frank Wilson - Saw Filer, Minetto Meridan Company, Minetto, Oswego, NY

Ray, Thomas Andrew - Weaver, The Killingly Worsted Mills, Danielson, CT

Rettig, Johann Georg - Tailor,  Perrysburg, OH and King County, NY

Rigby, Daniel* - Saddler, Edgemont, PA

Rigel, Margaret Louise Weir - Wardrobe Seamstress, Wichita, KS

Rochester, Lawrence Percy - Weaver,Textile Worker, The Victor Cotton Mill and F.W. Poe Manufacturing Co., Greenville, SC

Rogers, Thomas *- Camlet Merchant,  Plymouth, MA

Savage, Maj. Thomas* - Tailor, Boston, MA

Seabrooks, Archibald - Tailor, Ohio Township, Beaver Co., PA

Seales, Wilma Laverne Wallbaum Bayer - Spinner/Machine Operator, Bradford Woolen Mills, Louisville, KY

Schak, Anna Petersen - Operator, Lindeke, Warner & Schurmeier, Saint Paul, MN

Schartzbach, Adam - Weaver, Pennsylvania

Schloegel, Josef Anton - Tailor, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA

Scott, J. B. - Textile Worker, Rome, GA

Shepard, Ralph - Tailor, First at Watertown, MA

Sheedy, Ann J - Blind Stitch and Merrow Needle Worker, The Torrington Co., Excelsior Plant, Torrington, CT; Yarn Packer, American Thread Co., Willmantic, CT

Simmone, Almeda Bailey - Worker, Cotton Mill, Athens, Clarke Co., GA

Smith, Mary Ellen - Weaver, Woolen Mill, Lawrence, MA

Snow, Lizzie Powers - Weaver, Cheney Mills, Manchester, CT

Snow, Walter George - Teamster, Cheney Mills, Manchester, CT

Stamm, Karl Hans - Chemist / Dyer, Standard-Coosa-Thatcher Mill, Chatanooga, TN & Powell Mill, Spartanburg, SC

Stamm, Grace Wood - Spinner, Stamm-Powell Knitting Mill, Spartanburg, SC & Glenco Knitting Mill, Burlington, NC

Stamm, Ralph Eugene - Doffer, Powell Mill, Spartanburg, SC

Steakley, Carol Mayo - Cotton Farmer, Ecola, Concho Co., TX

Steakley, Robert Ernest - Cotton Farmer, Ecola, Concho Co., TX

Stevens, Mary Lavinia Green  - Dressmaker, Newark, NJ

Tenis, Eliane Louise Dobson - Shoe Repairer/Cleaner, Button Presser, Bentley Shoe, Dudley, MA, Bates Shoe, Webster, MA, US Button, Putnam, CT

Trentham, Ollie Mae White - Inspector, Munsingwear Plant, Sulligent, AL

Vitale, Marie - Dressmaker, Bayone, NJ and Chicago, IL

Walton, Izora McDaniel - Dressmaker, Augusta, GA

Warner, Frances Minnetta Branscom- Leather Worker, A.C. Lawrence Leathers Peabody, MA

Watts, Nelle J. - Trimmer, Millner Shop, Salem Township, IA

Weiss, Arthur Francis - Folder, Cambrico Mill, Webster, MA

Wheeler, Stella Barbara Petchark* - Cotton Mill Inspector/Machine Operator, Thread Mill/Max Cto., Clinton, MA/Groton, CT

White, Barbara Marian - Spot Tacker, Silk Mill, Saratoga, NY

Whitworth, Frances Minetta Branscom Warner - Leather Worker, A.C. Lawrence Leathers, Peabody, Essex, MA

Yarbro, John M. - Elevator Man, Bemis Bag Co., Bemis, TN

Young, Muriel Monica Jardine - Cone Winder, Stevens Linnen Co., Dudley, MA; Anglo Fabrics and Elegant Yarns Webster, MA