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Apicelli, Charles Joseph - General Manager, Max Pollack Co., Groton, CT

Armstrong, Jeffie Areta Johnson Faubion *– Seamstress – Dress Factory – Dallas, TX

Atwood, John - Resident Agent, Williamsville Manufacturing Co., Williamsville, CT

Babcock, Lewis Smith - Receiving Clerk, American Thread Co., Willimantic, CT

Bigelow, Albert W. - Drill Press Operator and Caser, American Thread Co., Willimantic, CT

Carleton, Frank Edwards - Machine Operator, Woolen Mill, No. Brookfield, MA

Chilton, James - Tailor, Canterbury and Sandwich England, Leyden, Holland, later emigrated to Plimoth, MA

Clark, Josephine Katherine Nesline - Corset Molder, Corset Factory, Norwalk, CT

Clark, Mildred Katherine - Stenographer, Shirt Factory, Worcester, MA

Cleveland, William Franklin – Cotton Merchant and Cotton Grower, Mobile, AL and Bayou Sara, AL

Cook, George B.- Card Grinder, Woonsocket, RI

Craw, Walter E. *- Chemical Engineer/Plant Manager-Beldin Heminway Co./Belding Chemical Industry, Grosvenordale, CT

Crocker, Sr., Glyndon Harry * - President and General Manager, Crescent Corset Company, NY

Dalton, Ernest William - Engineer/Designer/Draftsman, Draper Corperation, Hopedale, MA

Delude, Marion Elizabeh Hotchkiss- Millhand-Box Shop, American Thread Company Willimantic, CT

DeWitt, Barnabus - Tailor, Somerset, Addison, PA

Donahue, Cornelius - Paper Maker, Paper Mill, Manchester, CT

Donahue, Francis Joseph - Carder, Woolen Mill, Manchester, CT

Duke, Joseph Pierce - Cotton Mill Weaver, Overland Cotton Mill, Arapahoe Co., CO

Elbridge, William H. - Cotton Mill Worker, Baltic, CT

Favretti, Giovanna Malvina Lazaris -Weaver, Forstmann Woolen Mills, Clifton-Passaic, NJ, Rawitzer Woolen Mills, Old Mystic, CT, Mystic Manufacturing Co., Mystic, CT, American Velvet Co., Stonington, CT

Funk, Myrtle Joyce Hanger- Sewing Machine Operator, US Civil Service Comm Dept. of the Army, Jeffersonville, IN

Guillemette, Melody Lee Smith - Flock Box Operator - Pervel Industries, Plainfield, CT

Guillemette, Wilfred Henry - Warp Tyer- weave room, Pomona Mills, Taftville, CT

Hale, Gardner Cole - Superintendent, Pratt Cotton Mill, Prattville, AL

Harmon, Jacob Osborne – Textile Worker, Myrtle Mill, Gastonia, NC

Hopfner, Rudolph - Picker, Cheney Silk Mill, Manchester, CT

Hotchkiss, Marion Elizabeth Delude - Millhand Box Shop, American Thread Co., Willmantic, CT

Lada, Frederick - Dyer, American Thread Company, Willimantic, CT

Laflin, Perley, Jr. - Spinning Supervisor/Inventor, Cotton Mill, Warren, MA

Lantiere, Sue C. - Sewing Machine Operator, Footwear Division Uniroyal Inc. , Naugatuck, CT

LeMay, Joseph - Blacksmith/Machine Operator, Woolen Mill, Amesbury, MA

LeMay, Louis - Spinner, Harmony Cotton Mill, Cohoes, NY

LeMay, Raymond W., Sr.- Parachute Maker, Bonnet Mills, Cohoes, NY

Longmore, Alexander - Weaver,  Trumbull County, OH

Loomis, Joseph - Woolen Draper at Windsor, CT

Martin, Zebulon Vancee, - BTextile Plant Overseer/Forman, Arlington Mill, Gastonia, NC

Matte, Marie Louise Giroux - Travelling Salesperson, Dresser Cotton Co., Southbridge, MA

Nesline, Frank Edward - Spinner, Woolen Mill, Norwalk, CT

Nesline, John Baptist - Fuller, Woolen Mill, Norwalk, CT

Olszta, Elizabeth Gula - Weaver, Cotton Mill, Three Rivers, MA

Olszta, Wladyslaw (William) - Elevator Operator, Woolen Mill, Webster, MA

Ransom, Frank Wilson - Saw Filer, Minetto Meridan Company, Minetto, Oswego, NY

Ray, Thomas Andrew  - Weaver -The Killingly Worsted Mills - Danielson, CT

Rogers, Thomas *- Camlet Merchant - Plymouth, MA

Seales, Wilma Laverne Wallbaum Bayer - Spinner/Machine Operator, Bradford Woolen Mills, Louisville, KY

Sheedy, Ann J- Blind Stitch and Merrow Needle Worker / Yarn Packer, The Torrington Co., Excelsior Plant, Torrington, CT; American Thread Co., Willmantic, CT

Smith, Mary Ellen - Weaver, Woolen Mill, Lawrence, MA

Warner, France Minetta Branscom - FLeather Worker, A.C. Lawrence Leathers, Peabody, MA

Weiss, Arthur Francis - Folder, Cambrico Mill, Webster, MA

Wheeler, Stella Barbara Petchark* - Cotton Mill Inspector/Machine Operator, Thread Mill/Max Cto., Clinton, MA/Groton, CT

Whitworth, Frances Minetta Branscom Warner - Leather Worker, A.C. Lawrence Leathers, Peabody, Essex, MA

Young, Muriel Monica Jardine - Cone Winder, Stevens Linnen Co., Dudley, MA; Anglo Fabrics and Elegant Yarns Webster, MA




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