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This Society is formed for the purpose of honoring our ancestors who participated in the American Industrial Revolution as Textile Workers. Their effort, sweat and sacrifice is recognized and perpetuated in the preservation of the history of the American Industrial Revolution.

Directions for application:

All applicants must complete and sign the accompanying application form typewritten or clearly printed in manuscript. Minor children (under 18) must be sponsored by a responsible adult who will sign the application with them or in their behalf.

Completed applications will contain:

  • A reference to and a copy of the authority for each statement of birth, marriage or death.
  • Where reference is made to unpublished records, an applicant must include a certified copy of each.
  • Statements based upon tradition will not be accepted.
  • No original documents should be sent. Copies of originals are desired.
  • When approved, the application, information thereon, and supplemental data will be scanned and then returned to the applicant.
  • The scanned data becomes the property of the National Society.

Completed applications, accompanied by the application fee of $20 plus the first year’s dues of $10, will be returned to the Genealogist for necessary research and verification. After notification of their acceptance, all new members shall pay on an annual basis dues of $10 to the Treasurer. A Junior Member (under the age of 18) will pay a single dues of $10.00 until attaining his/her eighteenth birthday, at which time dues become payable annually. Associate Members shall pay the same annual dues as Direct Members. Life memberships are available.

Membership Information and Application Email: Membership